More than 30 years making sugar free biscuits

Drawing on the hard work and loving care of a large company. Discover the history of our sugar free biscuits!

We present the first sugar free biscuits in the Diet-fibre and Light ranges


We present the first sugar free biscuits in the DietNATURE range.

From the very start we commit to using mostly high oleic sunflower oil.

Only range of sugar free biscuits that is partnered with the FSED (Spanish Diabetes Society): the leading Spanish diabetes organisation. Our partnership continues today and helps to strengthen our awareness of the needs of diabetics.


Over the years DietNATURE becomes one of the biggest biscuit ranges. It now has over 15 different types of biscuits! A biscuit for every taste!


Gullón’s firm commitment to innovation, alongside the challenge of offering the widest range of sugar free biscuits on the market, made us segment-leaders with 17 varieties.

On the go products are introduced (yoghourt sandwich, cream filled chocolate sandwich…).


DietNATURE consolidates its position as the sugar free biscuit range with the most varieties on the European market. 23 different biscuits! There is a sugar free biscuit for you at any time of the day.


First selection of sugar free biscuits on the market. In individual packets.


DietNATURE is now ZERO! And we aren’t slowing down, we’re adding:
Vegetarian V-Label: guaranteeing that all ingredients are plant-based.

Nutri-Score: nutrition label on the front so that consumers can quickly and easily assess nutritional quality.


Sugar consumption is a concern for many of us,

But it is important to differentiate where they come from…


Intrinsic sugars, found naturally in foods such as cereals, milk, fruit, and fresh vegetables.


Free or added sugars, added to foodstuffs during production or found in fruit juice, syrups, and honey.

Our ZERO range has no added sugars. The sugars these biscuits contain are found naturally in the ingredients they are made from.

The WHO recommends reducing the consumption of free or added sugars to at least 10% of the total daily energy intake (50g/day) in adults and children…¹

And reducing it by at least 5% of the total daily calory intake for additional health benefits.

of adults are overweight²

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